• This process is 100% compliant with the federal and state guidelines securing 100% of every customer's information and keeps it from "floating" around the dealership.
  • The UPLOG requires the manifest from the mail company to be uploaded so the dealer is guaranteed 100% that the mail is sent out.
  • The UPLOG has a unique BDC that collects 100% accurate appointment count and is cross checked and time stamped when customer has claimed their prize.
  • The UPLOG gives the Dealer 100% real time up count as well as units sold and gross profit
  • The UPLOG collects all data so the Dealer can analyze each salesperson's ups versus closing ratio, zip codes, plus 185 different customized reports.
  • The UPLOG collects valid email, street address, and phone numbers from every registrant for future business.
  • The UPLOG gives the customer a better sense of legitimacy when going through the process, cultivating more customers and better overall experience versus a paper process.
  • The UPLOG creates email blasts to all customers after the sale, generating post sale business.
  • The UPLOG features a unique appointment auto rotation system, giving all sales people equal appointments.

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